6 Essential Elements: Top Performing Business Lead Generation Websites

Lead generation is a central tenet of successful digital marketing.

It’s the very first step along the road to converting. But it isn’t easy. Indeed, 65% of marketers say traffic and lead generation are their greatest challenges.

Business lead generation websites offer a prime example of the difficulty involved. Depending on who you ask, you’ll be offered a whole host of ‘correct’ ways to build a top performing site.

From site speed and legibility to content length and calls to action, a whole lot goes into succeeding in this area. I wanted to take the time to highlight the methods I know to work for myself and my clients. Are you looking to build a high-performance lead generation website?

Keep reading to discover 6 tried and tested components you should work hard to incorporate.

1. Strong Headings & Stronger Content

The content of your website is pivotal in lead generation.

Remember, the goal is to convert traffic to your site into leads.

Alas, you don’t have long to interest and engage an audience. In fact, bank on around 5 seconds or less. Your message must resonate with them almost instantaneously. Concisely and convincingly, you need to explain:

  1. That you understand their needs (or why they’re on your website)
  2. The solution you provide for their issue(s).

The use of strong headings and sub-headings helps you do this. Indeed, the best headings attract attention, highlight the key messages and provide structure to the website. However, it’s the content that follows that’s the true deal breaker.

This process relies on a solid understanding of your audience. You must have a concrete grasp on their needs and how your product/service can meet them. With it, you’ll fail to grab their attention and they’ll bounce away from your site.

2. Clear Calls to Action

Business lead generation websites are incomplete without one, or numerous calls to action.

It’s a key ingredient to the successful conversion of a site visitor to a lead. Okay, so what are they? Basically, calls to action are exhortations for visitors to perform a certain action on the website.

Essentially, people need instruction! They need to be told what to do in order to do it. They may love your blog post, for example, and want to subscribe to the blog. However, if you don’t explicitly tell them to do it, then it’s far less likely they actually will.

They should relate to the offer you’re making. For example, “click here to read more”, “register for your discount today” or, “contact our customer support team now”.

The strongest calls to action are clear, concise, evocative, and play on particular desires (e.g. fear of missing out or wanting to solve a particular problem).

3. Benefits-Driven Copy

Think about the products you buy and the services you utilize.

What does it take to convince you to pay your hard-earned cash?

Now, it’s nice to think that we’re all logical, rational beings. But how often do we make somewhat rash, instant decisions based on the emotions we’re made to feel?

In the same way, the actual features of a particular offer may sound great. In reality, though, it’s the benefits (aka, how we stand to gain from it) that persuade us of its value. There’s nothing like personal interest to convince you to buy, use, or subscribe to something.

In essence, highlighting the benefits of your product/service is absolutely essential. It will evoke emotion in your audience that’s far likelier to compel them to convert. Sure, go ahead and describe your service. But do so on a way that emphasizes how they stand to gain.

4. Fast Page-Speed

It’s hard to overemphasise the importance of page speed to your website.

Aim for a 5 second above-the-fold load time at a maximum. In reality, the faster your website loads, the better. That’s because people have such low attention spans these days (the average attention span is now literally worse than a goldfish).

People click away from pages that take a long time to load. They’re simply unwilling to wait. You might have the best solution to their problem on the market. But to show it to them you must first get them to your website! Work on speeding up your site for a better chance of doing it.

5. Mobile Optimization

All websites should also be optimized for mobile usage.

Indeed, the vast majority of web content is being consumed on phones these days. To gain access to this audience, your site must be responsive on mobiles too.

Top performing lead gen sites operate well regardless of the device. Desktop, tablet or mobile phone, it doesn’t matter. The images, copy, layout, subscription and contact forms all adapt accordingly.

6. Effective Nurturing Strategies

It’s increasingly unlikely that a user will convert outright on an offer.

Again, think about your own practices online. Would you ever buy a product or pay for a service without doing additional research? I’m guessing you probably wouldn’t.

Instead, a level of nurture is required.

Success begins with providing the right content to the right audience at the right time. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips will help in this process. From here, particular marketing strategies assist in your bid to convert a lead into a sale. Automated email marketing is one such nurturing example.

Let’s assume you’ve successfully scored the email address of a visitor to your site. With that, you can set about building a relationship with them using automated (and personalized) emails. Setu up in advance, emails are sent at set time intervals to offer relevant, useful information.

Over time, you develop trust to a point where you can make your offer again. With a trusting relationship formed, they’re far more likely to make a purchase.

Time to Optimize Your Lead Generation Website

There you have it: 6 essential components of a lead generation website that works.

Lead generation is one of the hardest elements of marketing. It’s also one of the most fundamental to success. All manner of ideas abound as to how to ensure top lead gen performance on your site.

In this post I’ve tried to highlight a selection of tried and tested methods. All of them have provided success for myself and my clients. Hopefully, they’ll do the same for you.

Take it to the next level, and start planning a digital footprint to generate more business leads.

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