Drive Traffic To Your Website With These Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Many people discount Twitter as a mechanism to drive traffic to their website. However, depending on the nature of your business and the makeup of your audience, Twitter is filled with fantastic opportunities to generate relevant traffic back to your website. One such opportunity are the Twitter Lead Generation Cards, or as they are more commonly known – Twitter Cards.

Twitter Cards, if used creatively, can be used to drive additional traffic to your website.  If you play your “Twitter Cards” correctly (pardon the pun), some of the traffic you drive to your website will end up on one of your email list.

In this article, I’ll show you the various types of Twitter Cards, their intended use, and how to integrate Twitter Cards into your website.

But first, lets look at the following two tweets – one by Michelle Glover and the other by Hop Online.

The tweet by Michelle was tweeted using Twitter Cards, while the 2nd tweet (by Hop Online) did not use Twitter Cards.

Do you see the difference?

Twitter Lead Generation Cards - 2 examples

Which tweet is more appealing?

Which one would you be more inclined to click?

Which of the two tweets would you prefer to put in front of your audience?

I know, the answer is obvious. If you’re like me, then the Michelle’s tweet is the better one. The tweet looks prettier, and is better constructed to drive traffic to your website and blog. It also allows you to properly showcases your products and services to a targeted audience.

The Twitter Card version of the tweet contains 5 links back to the originating website – the image, the compressed link in the 240 character message, the title, the description and the “View on Web” link.

The non Twitter Card version, on the other hand, has only 1 link – the compressed link in the 240 character message.

Based on these facts, I urge you to explore the various Twitter Cards, and use them creatively to drive traffic to your website, with the intent of increasing your email list size.

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What Is A Twitter Card

Twitter Cards is a software implementation that extends the functionality of Twitter to your website. It provides your audience with a richer experience because it allows you to include visuals and call to actions within your tweets.

There are 9 different Twitter Cards, each with their own intent.

Twitter Card #1: Summary Card

The intent of The Summary Card is to provide your audience a preview of your website content. Presumably, if the like the content and want more information, they can click through and end up on your website – the original article or even a landing page.

Here is a well constructed Twitter Summary Card, giving you 5 click through locations – the thumbnail image, the twitter shortened link, the title, the description and the original shortened link in the tweet.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards - Jeff

Twitter Card #2: Summary Card With A Large Image

This type of Twitter Card is similar to the Summary Card, except it’s designed to give your audience an image rich experience.  You’ll notice that the Twitter Card layout is carried through on the RT, giving you extended opportunity to drive traffic to your website.  Again, multiple locations that allow the audience to click through to the original site.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards - Dede

Twitter Card #3: Photo Card

This Twitter Card is similar to the Summary With A Large Image Card, except the intent of the card is display a larger image size than that presented in the displayed tweet. As with the previous card types, when the audience clicks on the image it will take them to the source image.

Twitter Photo Card

Twitter Card #4: Gallery Card

This card type is similar to the Photo Card, but lets your audience know that they can expect multiple images per tweet – up to 4 images. Again your audience can click through to the image sites via the image, the compressed link and the “View on Web” link.

Twitter Gallery Card

Twitter Card #5: App Card

Even though this Twitter Card can be displayed on wide desktop screens, it is specifically designed for your mobile audience. A meaningful use of this card is to use it for direct App downloads to a mobile device such as an Android or Apple smartphone.

Twitter App Card

Twitter Card #6: Player Card

The Twitter Player Card is all about streaming media, such as audio and video. Here’s an excellent example that was tweeted by a SoundCoud member. The Player Card provides an inline streaming experience, and the ability for the audience to listen to the audio on the original (SoundCloud) site.

Twitter Player Card

Twitter Card #7: Product Card

The Twitter Product allows you to define and present product category information, such as product descriptions and pricing to your audience. It is an excellent card if you are selling products that can be logically broken into various pricing and thematic categories. Again, the card contains multiple locations to click back to the site of origin.

Twitter Product Card

Twitter Card #8: Lead Generation Card

The Twitter Lead generation card is a pay for promotion service, where you can capture your audiences email address without them leaving twitter. Take note that by simply clicking on the card it has captured my email address.

The Actual Twitter Lead Generation Card

Twitter Card #9: Website Card

The website Twitter card is another pay for promotion service. This type of card allows you to implement a Call To Action button on the card. The CTA button would take your audience directly to a website page of your choice. The page is external to Twitter, can be located anywhere on the Internet, and can be any content (e.g. survey, landing page, free offer, article, etc.).

Twitter Website Card

How to Install/Integrate Twitter Cards

Twitter requires additional metadata about each page that you want to associated with Twitter Cards. This additional information can be added manually or, if you have a WordPress website, via a Plugin.

There are many WordPress Plugin that are Twitter Card ready. Just search for “Twitter Card” on

Once you’ve installed the plugin, it is a 4 step process to get Twitter cards 100% functional.

  • Decide on the Twitter Card type for each page or post.
  • Generate the meta data via the Twitter Card Plugin
  • Validate the Page or Post with the Twitter Card Validation Tool.
  • Tweet the Page or Post to test. Your tweet should contain your Twitter Card of choice.

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Final Words

Twitter cards is great way to:

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Drive traffic back to your site or blog

Using the 9 different Twitter Lead Generation Cards definitely has the potential to increase traffic to your website. You just need to use the cards creatively.

If you decide to use the pay to promote services of Twitter Cards, the Lead Generation and Website Twitter Cards offer you the ability to target specific audience types, and an easy way to capture your contacts information.

Bottom line – if you’re serious about driving traffic to your blog from Twitter, you need to make sure your website is Twitter Card enabled. It’s free, and available for the taking.

Need to explore option on getting more traffic to your website? Please reach out. We’re more than happy to help.

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