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Why is Digital Marketing Important for Business Growth?

Digital Marketing is essential for your business in order to attract customers. Customers are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, you do not have a business. Here are 5 solid reason Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Business Growth.

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9 Top Tips: Website Security for Lead Generating Websites

When creating a website for your business, one crucial factor you must consider is website security. While having a website that converts is one thing, ensuring the site is secure is another thing. The steps involved in making a lead generating website are complicated.

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Drive Traffic To Your Website With These Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Twitter is filled with fantastic opportunities to drive traffic (people) to your website. You just need to identify, test them out, and if they work for you, keep them in your bag of traffic goodies. One such opportunity is Twitter Cards.

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How To Find Your Unique Selling Proposition by Authentic Personal Branding

Hands down, one of the top challenges people face in the Internet world is how to craft and find your Unique Selling Proposition. Without a unique selling proposition your message gets blended into the rest of the Internet noise, and you end up not being heard or just plainly ignored.

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How To Incorporate Content Curation into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content curation is a great way to supplement your original blog content. Incorporate it into your Content Marketing Strategy and you're definitely heading in the right direction. It provides your audience with focused, niche based  content, sets you apart as an authority in your domain...

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Know Your Audience: Online Traffic Sources And Other Meaningful Website Metrics

Understanding your online traffic sources, the bounce rate, page dwell time, and pages per visit are important metrics to understand. They will help you identify the content marketing/social media techniques & strategies that are working (or not).

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4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Use for Your Online Business Growth

As time goes by, what is really working in terms of marketing methods is becoming dramatically clear. Obviously, promoting your business on Social Media and using Content Marketing are powerful pieces that marketers are using to gain traction and grow their online businesses...

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5 Simple Steps: Creating An Email Course For Your Online Audience

Learning how to create an Email Course for your online audience is not as difficult as it may seem. Many of us labor over the topic, the length of the course, how to make it interactive, where to place your product and service offering, and the best way to automate it’s delivery.

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Quick Tips: Define Your Personal Brand and Serve Your Audience

You're in the process of defining your personal brand but not sure where to start. This article should give you a process to help you define your personal brand. Before we dig deeper, it's important to understand that there are many different definitions of "personal branding" and many methods describing how to define your personal brand.

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Twitter Content Strategy: Amplify Your Message In 3 Practical Steps

Amplification of your message is an important component of your Twitter content strategy. Many successful online marketers use popular Hashtags within their tweets to drive their audience back to their website. It's not as difficult as it seems, and if used correctly, will help you achieve similar results.

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How To Succeed in Social Media Marketing Without Wasting Time And Money

I call them the “The Big Three-Time and Money Shapers” for any online business using social media. Each are part of a solution, which helps provide a way to keep you, your online business, and your social media activities productive. If you tip the balance on any of these three, you run the risk of becoming unproductive – wasting time.

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Local Google Maps | Your Dynamic-Passive Lead Generator

It doesn’t matter if you are a butcher, plumber, or candlestick maker, Local Google Maps is ESSENTIAL for your business. It gives your customers an opportunity to find you – phone call, navigate to your store, or even visit your website. It’s your Dynamic-Passive Lead Generation Tool.

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