How To Build A Solid and Trusted Twitter Community is one of those Social Media Management Tools that can kill two birds with one stone.

It will help you minimize your time on Twitter, and help you build a strong Twitter community.


If you’re trying to build an engaging and trusted Twitter Community, and don’t want to be sucked into the Twitter black hole, you should consider incorporating the tool into your online marketing bag of tricks.

I’m not sure if its the right tool for your business, but with the results I’ve achieved, you would be doing a disservice to yourself by not taking it for a test drive.

With, you will be able to EASILY:

  • Engage with your audience in a meaningful way – personal, timely, and relevant. The methods you use to engage and reference conversations in is, by the way,’s strong point.
  • Share each others good content.
  • Network between community members.

The bottom line – you should be able to build a relevant, strong, and trusted Twitter network, using this Social Media Management Tool.

1: Register And Setup

Before using Commune.It, please make sure you have setup and configured your Twitter account correctly.

Then, head over to the website and register with your best email address. This step should take under a minute, which includes validation of your email address.

So far, so good!

Once setup and registered, you will need to tell Twitter that is a trusted source to access your Twitter content. Again, this is a quick an easy process.

Now you’re set to start configuring your account.

You should add your website address and the keyword search terms to uses this content to recommend connections (aka. business partners) in your vertical space. can also recommend leads for you to follow. Leads are based also on keywords (e.g. strategy, health care, etc.).

Ask yourself, what are the keyword terms that my ideal customer would use?  Specify the keywords and wait for to finish analyzing your Tweets stream.

You can use the free version of the software service, but the Business Plan will elevate your results significantly:

  • Tweets without advertising,
  • Unlimited engagements,
  • Unlimited new lead monitoring,
  • Access to your analytics and,
  • Access multiple Twitter profiles

Perform an ROI analysis, and you’ll understand why a $30 Business Plan is a worthwhile investment.

After you upgrade to the Business Plan you will be in a good position to start building a strong Twitter community.

2: Start Building Your Twitter Community

As soon as you log into your dashboard, you should be presented with meaningful recommendations.

At a quick glance you’ll know:

  • Who to thank,
  • Who to connect, follow, and unfollow and,
  • Who to reply, initiate a conversation with, and who to ‘pay-it-forward. makes it easy for you, where you almost don’t have to think 🙂 However, give some thought as to the action you wish to apply towards a specific person. Hint: You don’t have to act on every recommendation. You can simply ignore them, or refresh with a new recommendation by “x”ing the person on the screen.

High Prioritized Feed

If you are really short on time, the “Prioritized Feed” will save you lots of time. The prioritized feed applies an algorithm to your Twitter feed, and presents recommended actions.

The “Prioritized Feed” is organized by engagement level.

If you click on any of the presented Tweets you will notice a wealth of information that you can act on. You can “Thank”, “Reshare”, view the “Engagement” details, or contact the individual directly.

The engagement functions are highlighted on the following image. What ever you decide to do, all information is available in one or two screens, making it quick and easy to accomplish your objectives on Twitter.

High Value Members categorizes your follower activity into three distinct categories: Influencers, Supporters, and Engagers. Each of these categories are important in building strong relationships on Twitter.

These three groups of people represent your most valuable member (followers or not). Most of your activity should be focused around your high value members.

3: The Real Power Of is powerful, especially if you use it as an extension to your memory.

Let me repeat that, but in another way. It’s really important…

The real power of becomes evident when it used, as a tool, to keep track of your conversation.”

Using the image above as an example, you have the ability to scan through conversations, and reference details from previous conversations. Take note of the conversation that I had with Stacey 4 months ago. We spoke about the Markham Applefest. gives me the ability to use the details of previous conversations in future conversations. If, for example, I happen to mention the Markham Applefest in a future Twitter conversation to Stacey, it conveys a message that I ‘listen’. Without it would be difficult to keep track of the content in the conversations I have with the thousands of my followers.

Stacey now knows the secret to my good memory. 🙂

When communicating with people using, I typically reference relevant details from previous conversations. By doing this, it tends to put context and meaning into the conversations, and in some cases, enhance the relationships I have with my followers. You should do the same. It makes good sense from a friendship and business perspective.

The “listening” and “memory” list is endless:

  • Their kids names and ages,
  • Where they live, work and play,
  • Hobbies,
  • Where they went on vacation,
  • Business products and services.

That’s the power of Commun.It at its best – acting as an extension to your “memory”.

I am always in awe when speaking with people, and they recall the details of previous conversations, especially if those conversation took place a long time ago. Referencing previous conversation details in current conversations shows you care. Caring, in my opinion makes a positive difference in audience engagement.

When communicating with your audience (especially the High Value Members), the details of previous conversations are important. You can reference the details by simply scrolling through the list of communications that you’ve had with them, and use any of those details in current or future communications with them. Referencing previous conversation details, shows you care, and it will make a positive difference in audience engagement.

4: Who To Engage With? provides another mechanism to establish who you NEED to engage with.

  • New followers,
  • Consider to reply,
  • Consider to re-engage,
  • Who tweeted me.

You should engage with each of these audience types. They are exceptionally important in building a strong Twitter community.

New Followers. In my opinion, any New Follower on Twitter deserves to be acknowledged. It’s the polite thing to do. Besides, the New Follower is a potential opportunity – friendship or business. I typically respond to new followers with Tweets similar to the following:

Consider to reply. Those that are listed in this section of have mentioned your name on Twitter (an @ response) in a conversation. A quick scan through this category of Tweets, will indicate if a response is warranted or not. A reply also keeps the conversation going, and thus gives the both of you a better opportunity to develop relationship.

Consider to re-engage. Reengaging is important because it helps bring the “forgotten” audience back into the fold. provides a real time list of the individuals, where engagement has been absent for at least 30 days. I treat this as an opportunity, and usually send a “re-engage” Tweet to selected people.

Who retweeted me. This section will give you explicit information on who retweeted your content, and what content was retweeted. Sharing of ones content should never be taken lightly. In fact I am always humbled and grateful when my content is retweeted. I consider it a polite gesture to thank the content sharer for their support.

5: Engagement Reports

The reports can be used as a tool to help strengthen your relationships on Twitter. One of these reports is the Engagement Report.

The Engagement report shows you those who are engaging on your Twitter channel. Knowing this and their metrics (e.g. Social Media Rankings, share frequency, follower base count, etc.) gives you the information you need, to decide to pursue additional conversations with them (or not).

Wrapping It Up

To develop a strong Twitter community you NEED to engage with your audience in a meaningful way. paves the way, making engagement seamless, organized, relevant and extremely efficient.

It’s dashboard is clean, with an intuitive user interface; And allows you to easily select who you NEED to engage and interact with.

Most importantly,  will help you:

  • By saving you time and money and,
  • Build a strong Twitter Community

…and without a doubt, building a strong Twitter Community as part of your Social Media Strategy, is one of the keys to growing the top line revenues of your business.

Need help with growing your business online. Please reach out to us. We’re happy to help.

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